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New looks, new Brides. There is no denying the new era has brought along a vast diversity in styling brides, from the traditional red and gold to pastel pinks and blues. Meenakari (hand-painted art on the rear of real jewellery) has now become a raging trend splashing colours on jewellery and highlighting gems and stones. It was always a point to ponder upon why artisans channelised ample energy and effort on a hand-painted masterpiece that would not be visible. Meenakari jewellery provides the uniqueness and several choices in colours to match outfits and now is also used in fusion jewellery. Brides today statement pieces with the Midas-touch. Meenakari jewellery designs can also be worn with collared shirts and dresses apart from wedding outfits. Double-sided meenakari sets are now available on order with us, where you get two colours at the price of one. Though the practice of wearing fake jewellery is not very common in northern states, our brand offers traditional and contemporary styles at affordable pricing along with the safety factor of traveling abroad. So here’s to a worry-free, high on style holiday’ called ‘wedding’.