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Jewellery: A Story

By Admin


Historically Indian women and men have used jewellery and this dates back to the mythological world of the Mahabharata as well as the Ramayana. Jewellery has been a statement of wealth, status, power, and security since time immemorial. It was a significant aspect of trade between countries and also as spoils of war. 
Various metals have been used but gold has reigned supreme. Diamonds have gone full circle and evolution has taken place in terms of design,  cut, clarity and the uncut diamond popularly known as “Polki” has made a place for itself in the realm of jewellery. 
Indians have been the most skilled artisans in this field since inception. 
Filigree work dates back to 3000 BC and involves soldering metal to form neckpieces and earrings, elaborate in nature yet delicate to perceive.  It was used extensively in ancient Mesopotamia. 
Jewellery was buried with the dead to ensure that they wanted for nothing in the afterlife. Most cultures believed that there is a world beyond death and it was important to them to provide for it. 
The Egyptians took this to another level with their burial rituals, filling graves up with gold and silver ornaments which in turn led to a spate of grave robberies. 
Naturally it was the wealthy that spotted gold and silver while those less fortunate wore brass and copper. 
Gems were used to add colour and until the 14th century they were used unpolished and uncut. Emeralds have made a place high up
In the echelons of jewellery. 
Rubies were probably used in Europe to depict blood and reflect some ASOST’s of Christianity. 
The blue sapphire has been vastly enjoyed in the Western Hemisphere while in India it has a tentative following. Legend has it that this particular gemstone may have either an intensely negative or positive effect on one’s health and destiny. Hence it is less used though its values are undeniable. 
Jewellery has been coveted as an expression of love and romance too. 
One of the first gifts that a man would like to give to his beloved is a piece of jewellery, the more expensive it is, the more prestigious is the gift and a symbol of his love. 
The engagement ring has probably been the most significant gift for a woman. The diamond industry, controlled by De beers, is galloping while men try to please their significant others with a ring to beat all rings.